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I have designed myself a new website, containing all my recent work. Check it out…

Stewart Ruffle Design


Final piece for the YCN student awards. Brief set by The Industry Trust.

Buying a cinema ticket is an important role in this process of film, without it, films would not get made in the first place. This piece is about trying to get people to recognise how important the part that they play in film production is, and take some pride in it. By buying a cinema ticket we are making an investment into the future of the film industry, and allowing further films to be made.

Tiger face!

This is a collaboration between myself and Elwood Ruffle, created using bleach, food colouring and comic strips. There’s an angry tiger in there somewhere…

Think Positive

My first 3rd year project outcome from October. I produced three booklets about the the cycle commute to university, promoting a positive mind-set.


T-shirts acquired, design in the pipeline, its only a matter of time! There will be a brand new, shiny, UWE Surf T-shirt, for 10 lucky folks to get their hands on. They should be available this week! Providing the waves stay flat and the weather stays British. So keep an eye out…


This is my latest work, it marks the end of my second year at UWE, and the end of the moving image module. It’s a response to a brief called ‘Disappearing City’. The sequence is about feeling un-fulfilled by city life. The promise of culture and activity has faded and whats left is just the grey, monotonous blur of daily routine.
I created it using a mixture of stop motion photographs, video footage, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.


This is a project from back in January. It was developed from a brief called ’50 photos’ in which I had to take 50 photos relating to 50 different words/phrases. I made this short book to document some of those photographs and the principle behind them.