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Late August, 7 of us put a van and a car on the Dover – Calais ferry, traveled to the south of France, bought a tent and and had a 2 week surf adventure. We got to witness some serious lightning storms and the biggest waves most of us had ever seen/been almost drowned by. We ended up with a story or two.


Back in July me and 2 friends flew to Johannesburg in SA, rented a car and drove the two days to Tofo in Mozambique. Stayed there for a month of surfing, scuba diving, rooftop BBQs, and un-real sunsets. Annoyingly a week before we left, the house we rented got burgled, and the camera with all the photos was gone. Luckily I had a back-up that still had a few of the good times on it…


T-shirts acquired, design in the pipeline, its only a matter of time! There will be a brand new, shiny, UWE Surf T-shirt, for 10 lucky folks to get their hands on. They should be available this week! Providing the waves stay flat and the weather stays British. So keep an eye out…


Had a week long trip to Portugal last week, it was effectively a crash course in board repair, bandage strapping and sea urchin removal. But despite the broken boards it was an amazing trip, heavy waves in the water and a heat wave out the water.


The sea, my soul. Rebel Waltz film from Chile.


Recent photography

A few photos from a trip down to Devon.

Way of the Ocean

Stumbled across this trailer for an Australian surf film called ‘Way of the Ocean’, I thought it looked real good!

BUCS surf championships

Made the trip down to Newquay with the UWE surf team for a great weekend of surfing and partying. Waves weren’t really there for the contest to kick off properly but the sun was out and everyone was in high spirits. Not even early mornings and freezing cold, wet, wet suits could put a downer on the weekend; was an amazing few days.

Putsborough kicks off

Went down to Putsborough on Saturday. About 5 hours surfing. Real nice, clean waves. Even some sun, blue sky and a pint of Frosted Thatchers to round up a sweet day.

Surf Trip

Woke up early on Sunday and went down to Devon for a spot of light surfing, that turned into 3hours of getting hit in the face with white water & swallowing salt water, which made me throw up on my board. But did get a few decent waves. A good day.